Charles Court: I Love This Place, the true story of one of Australia’s best-loved premiers and how he brought industry to WA.

Rhonda Jamieson’s journey with Charles Court: I Love This Place started with a request from Emeritus Professor David Black to interview Sir Charles for a history of the Western Australian Parliament. She started in 1990 and found that the politician was so focused on the future that it was quite a mean feat to get him to discuss the past. When she did manage to tap the well, she found that Sir Charles’ prodigious memory and empathetic nature made him a candidate for an incredible biography.

Jamieson assisted in the editing and selection of the content that made up Charles Court: The Early Years (Sir Charles’ autobiography) in 1995 and then in 2005. After a few failed attempts at a follow-up, Jamieson joined forces with the man himself to put together Charles Court: I Love This Place.

Her thorough research has resulted in a biography that draws the story of a man’s life on the background of a country’s industrial awakening and addresses topics as varied as liberal politics, family dynamics, power VS wealth, international trading and even the underrated art of playing the cornet.

The table of contents is listed below and should give readers a good idea of how the biography unfolds.

Foreword vii
Introduction ix
1 A Plumber and a Rose 13
2 No Gold in the Streets 19
3 The Trumpet Shall Sound 35
4 Numbers not Words 46
5 A Perfect Partnership 61
6 Skill, Energy and Tact: War Service 74
7 A Different Campaign 92
8 The Best Thing Since John Forrest 102
9 Government at Last 119
10 The Man who Sorted the Railways Out 135
11 Boldness and Action: Development Continues 147
12 Making Use of Resources: Iron Ore 166
13 Iron Ore, the Japanese and the Commonwealth Government 181
14 Not Just a Pilbara Plan 194
15 Power Versus Wealth: Charles Court and Lang Hancock 210
16 Twelve Years in the Brand Government 233
17 Anger and Determination: Opposition 246
18 Dissent and Innovation: First Years as Premier 264
19 Accusations, Firsts and Lasts 285
20 North West Shelf Gas 306
21 Noonkanbah 329
22 Damage and Diamonds 341
23 Conclusions and Contemplation 360
24 Controversy, Inquiry and Triumph 381
25 Passion Redirected 391
26 Four Generations Become Three 419
Notes 444
Bibliography 466
Index 472