The Book

Charles Court: I Love This Place

Ronda Jamieson and Geoffrey Blainey

Western Australian authors have penned many novels and biographies that provide a look at the history of this politically important part of the country, but none so meticulously researched as Charles Court: I love this place, the biography of Sir Charles Court by Ronda Jamieson.

An in-depth look at the life and career of one of Western Australia’s most successful and best-loved premiers, the biography is based on over two decades’ worth of research and provides a clear, unbiased account of the progressive and sometimes divisive steps taken and choices made by Sir Charles Court during his tenure as Australian politician.

Widely known for his fierce pioneering spirit when it came to the resource development of Western Australia, Sir Charles was responsible for the legislative incentives and precautions that bolstered the exploration of the region’s mineral wealth. Iron ore, natural gas, nickel, diamonds, alumina, gold – you name it, the first big projects associated with each of these fields can be attributed to this remarkable statesman’s clear and unwavering vision.

As such, Charles Court: I love this place is not only the story of Sir Charles’ personal and family life, but also that of the economic and political history of post-war Western Australia.