Charles Court: I Love This Place, the biography of one of Western Australia’s best loved politicians.

The best biography books succeed in painting a picture of an individual’s life and the way they shaped the world around them. Charles Court: I love this place tells the story of a man that rose from humble beginnings to spend 96 years of his life earning a well-deserved place on Western Australia’s political stage.

But Sir Charles Court was more than just a politician, he was as complex a human being as you or I. Confident and caring, obstinate and tough, he was foremost a family man and thereafter a dedicated statesman with far-reaching vision. In this biography book Ronda Jamieson reaches beyond the political façade to provide the reader with a rare glimpse beyond the curtain of Sir Charles’ public life and show how his love and generosity to his family and friends shaped his growth as a leader.

To investigate a life that influenced so many people and shaped the history of so many places could not have been an easy task, but Ronda Jamieson’s voluminous research into written and printed, private and public records, as well as numerous personal interviews, afforded her the scope necessary to pay tribute to, and simply tell the story of, this much lauded statesman in a fashion that befits his station.

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