An in-depth look at the life and career of one of Western Australia’s most successful premiers.

Charles Court: I Love This Place weaves the tapestry of one man’s life and the way it shaped the future of a country.

An intrinsic part of Western Australia’s history, Sir Charles Court is known as the premier that brought industry to the region in a tumultuous time of the country’s history. One of Australia’s most creative politicians to date, this astonishing individual was widely known for his decency, civic spirit, long-range vision energy and dynamism.

Charles Court: I Love This Place is the meticulously researched biography of a man whose progressive and sometimes divisive decisions made his 30 year political life of pivotal importance to the historical development of Western Australia.

Drawing on 172 hours of recorded interviews, Ronda Jamieson’s writing journey started in 1990 with a request from Emeritus Professor David Black to interview Sir Charles for a history of the Western Australian Parliament. In a process that spanned the better part of two decades she then went and immersed herself in the life and times of Sir Charles Court and emerged with a biography that manages to walk the sometimes difficult line of favouring the wood in lieu of the trees.

Charles Court: I Love This Place is a must-read for anyone who has an interest in Western Australian history, and the man that helped to shape it.

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